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With over 150 channels as standard you'll be spoilt for choice. Choose freesat HD and enjoy our five free HD channels. Choose freesat+ and on top of all that you'll be able to pause and rewind live TV and record a library of your favourite shows.
And now selected freesat boxes and TVs also bring you brilliant On demand TV from the BBC and ITV.

With freesat+ you can pause the action and pick up where you left off. Rewind and record live TV too, so you never have to miss a thing.


YouView is a subscription-free service that combines the ability to receive digital TV channels with access to the last seven days' TV programmes via catch-up services. It'll also brings on-demand TV services and other interactive applications to your TV. Both standard and high-definition content are available.

Set-top boxes and PVRs (personal video recorders) with YouView functionality bring services such as BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, Demand Five and SeeSaw directly to your TV.

YouView includes an application (app) store so that other services can be downloaded and added as they become available. 

YouView is subscription-free, so that those unable or unwilling to pay for content will not have to do so, though there is the option to access pay-TV content for those who want more choice.


Fancy streaming rental films directly to your TV without the hassle of visiting the rental store or posting DVD returns? How about surfing Google maps, sharing web photo albums or making a Skype video conference via your living room’s big screen? With the latest generation of internet-connected, or Smart TVs, you can.

Smart TV is the catch-all term for internet TVs. For many new TVs this means access to a collection of apps, an app store for adding more, a web browser and access to home network files all rolled into one interface.

To do all this, the TV has to be able to connect to the internet. This is done by connecting it to your router and broadband via an ethernet cable, or wirelessly with wi-fi.

Some smart TVs have wi-fi built-in, others are 'wi-fi ready'. Wi-fi ready usually means that you need to buy a separate wi-fi dongle costing around £50 for the wireless connection to work.


Sky Digital offers over 50 high definition TV channels - far more than rivals Virgin Media and BT Vision.

Picture of Sky+ HD BoxHigh Definition TV pictures are lot sharper and clearer than standard TV pictures - with four times more detail than standard TV broadcasts.

Sky HD comes with a special Sky satellite receiver, the Sky+HD Box, which is basically the popular Sky+ box with an output for connection to a high definition TV